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What is good writing and who is a good writer?

What is good writing and who is a good writer? Well, there is no definition of either and it is more about effective writing than anything else. What might be good for one might not be so for another. So, instead of getting caught in the thought of whether you are a good writer or not you can always get better. Keep reading Though it 

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Good Parenting

No parent is perfect, nor is a child and that should be kept in mind when expectations are set. Good parenting is hard work and mistakes are bound to made, but like learning on the job, a good parent should always strive to make decisions that are in the interest of the child. Every parent likes 

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Lack of Preventive Healthcare in India

In today’s age of uncertainty, preventive healthcare has assumed critical importance. The term, preventive healthcare refers to the steps taken to curb diseases rather than treating them. Even if one may seem healthy, routine check-ups are advisable as lifestyle diseases tend to be asymptomatic. With time, lifestyles have changed and so have the trends, and 

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