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Exercises during lockdown

Many of us have been forced to change the way we live. To contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, gymnasiums are closed and lockdowns imposed in many areas. While some regions allow you to go for a run, walk or cycle, some people can’t get out of the house or rather don’t want to.

For those who love to exercise, it might feel like the outbreak will destroy your progress. Don’t worry for there are ways to overcome the situation. Of course, for those who hate to exercise, this is the best time to laze around and forget that exercising strengthens the immune system, improves mental health and the feeling of well-being in these difficult times.

Here are a few exercises that can be done easily at home without any apparatus.

Knee push-ups 

This workout is mainly for the core and arms. By including this as part of workout plans at home, the standard push-up position will get better. Here’s how to go about it. Start from the standard push-up position but instead of the feet place the knees on the floor. The feet should be slightly lifted from the knees. Then, bend the elbows up and down like normal push-ups while maintaining a straight position from the head to the knees.

The Bridge

This workout improves posture, thanks to its focus on the lower back and hip. The bridge is also one of the easiest exercises for beginners. Put a yoga mat or any piece of cloth on the floor, lie on the back while facing the ceiling. Next, position the feet flat and extend the arms by the side. Raise the bottom until the hips are fully widened by squeezing the upper glutes.


This should not be confused with squats. Crunches are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises to strengthen the core. Lie on the floor and rest on the back. Ensure that the knees are bent and the feet are touching the floor. Put the hands behind the head and then lift the chest and legs slightly but leave a gap between them. Go back to the starting position and repeat.

Air Squat

This is a great exercise for building strength together with increased balance in the legs and lower body. To perform this, keep the feet at shoulder width apart and pointed straight ahead. The knees should not go past your toes and the back should not round out. Avoid dropping the shoulders forward and the lower body should be the only part moving.


This is great for building upper body strength by working the triceps, chest muscles and shoulders with the added bonus of strengthening the lower back and core. To get started, kneel on the floor with the feet together. Keep the palms flat, hands shoulder-width, fingers facing forward and shoulders over the hands. The feet should be together, back flat and the abs pulled in. Slowly lower the body toward the floor until the chest touches the ground. Now, push back upward. Continue pressing until the arms are fully extended at the elbows and you are back at the top of the push-up position.


Another great workout for strengthening the core. Moreover, this lower bodyweight exercise is good for toning the gluteus maximus. To begin, widen the feet parallel to the shoulder and extend the arms in front. Then, bend the knees and hips slightly and do the traditional squat position. Push up using the heels and repeat. 

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