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Dr. Snehlata Kabra
MSc. (Speech & Hearing) AIISH, Mysore
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Mrs. Snehlata Kabra completed her bachelor training from All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH), Mysore in 1994. She did P.G. training MSC (Speech and Hearing) from AIISH, Mysore in 1996. She worked as consultant speech pathologist and Audiologist for one year at PGR Hospital, Kota. Later, she joined S.D.M.H. in 1997. She holds experience of over 20 years in this field. She has keen interest and experience in working with children and adults having speech, language, communication and hearing diseases. 
She has given guest lecture for speech tharapy and audiology at various institute and training centre like- Regional Teacher Training Centre Jaipur, RRC, S.M.S. (for PHC Doctors), Research Education and Audiological Department Society Jaipur and DISHA Institute for Specially abled.
Her goal is to improve speech, language and communication through diagnostic evaluation, rehabilitation intervention techinques and to provide the highest quality services.
Services provided in Speech therapy and Audiology includes:-
1. Pure tone audiometry
2. Speech audiometry
3. Free field audiometry
4. Impudence audiometry
5. Special test
6. OAE (Olo Acoustic Emission for new born hearing screening)
7. Hearing aid trail
8. Rehabilitation for hearing impaired
9. Consultation, assessment aid Speech therapy for all types of Speech, Language and     Communication Disorder.
(Articulation, Voice, Fluency, Prosody, MR, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Aphasia, Learning Disability Etc.)
10. Parental Counseling and guidance related to home training programme.

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