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Thalassemia Centre

Prayatna to Erradicate Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a disorder that results in excessive destruction of red blood cells, which leads to anemia and the patient is required blood transfusion very often. At SDMH, we provide subsidised treatment to these patients and have taken initiatives to eradicate Thalassemia.

The Santokba Durlabhji Thalassemia Centre was set up in 2002. It is the only source of NAT-tested blood in Rajasthan which screens a patient for HIV, Hepatitis and other blood - borne agents. Test facilities for Thalassemia Major and Minor are also available. Blood transfusion takes place in a dedicated, congenial ward. The Centre carries out regular transfusion for almost 100 children annually, free of cost. Every year, a Thalassemia camp is also held at SDMH where blood is tested on the spot. Over two lakh people have been screened in the last 15 years. FICCI has recently recognised our Thalassemia Project as the “Best CSR Project in the Country”.

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