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Jaipur Foot

The Jaipur Foot is an innovative prosthesis that allows the wearer not only to walk and run but also to sit cross-legged on the floor and squat for using Indian toilet. Being very low-cost and waterproof it allows farmers to work in the fields. As it can be used without a shoe, it allows the wearer to enter temples, mosques and gurudwaras without any difficulty.

Pangugirilanghe – We Help Them Stand Again

Dr. P.K. Sethi, a renowned orthopedic surgeon and a Magsaysay Award winner, set up the Rehabilitation and Limb Fitting Centre (RALFC) in 1985, soon after he retired from SMS Hospital.  He had, earlier, pioneered the legendary Jaipur Foot; subsequently, he continued his good work at SDMH. At the heart of the Centre is a desire to create and develop low-cost thermoplastic, light-weight rehabilitiation aids which attach seamlessly onto patients, and are also easy to use. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the International Commission of Red Cross (ICRC) contributed significantly, along with IIT, Mumbai, and the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, to help us achieve these goals – and the technology, thus evolved, has transformed the lives of millions of disabled by making them not only self-sufficient but also productive members of society.  The Jaipur Foot has become a boon for the common man and a culture-specific product which the local population can accept and afford, without altering its lifestyle. Named after Dr. Sethi, the Center provides all types of upper and lower limbs, total-contact, low-weight, new-design orthotic and prosthetic services, along with spinal orthotics.  Poor patients are treated totally free or at heavily subsidized rates. RALFC also organizes free camps for the underprivileged. Several camps have been organized as part of community-based rehabilitation within 150 kms of Jaipur. Hundreds of such patients have been fitted with appliances, free of cost, and have also received free surgical intervention. Manned by dedicated doctors, the Centre trains all recipients to function independently, and to lead full and confident lives.

In over 50 rural camps, SDMH Dept. of Rehabilitation has fitted Prosthesis and Orthosis for over 300 patients at no cost to them. These patients have not reached out to SDMH but SDMH reached their doors to help them stand again.

You may also contribute in changing the lives of many such people. Any donation made is tax free under Income Tax Act 80-G.



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